The Historical Samaritan Stained Glass Panel by Paul-Franz Bonnekamp

Paul-Franz Bonnekamp, an artist in stained glass, was born in Inden, Germany in 1925. During the Second World War, he was taken prisoner as an 18-year-old soldier in 1944. After falling gravely ill doing war damage work in 1946, he was transferred to the C&A hospital in Bangor, Wales. It was then that Bonnekamp promised himself, that if he ever regained his health, he would dedicate his artistic work to truth and peace.

Bonnekamp later moved to Soest-Möhnesee and was pleased when Bangor and Soest became twin towns in 1973.

Bonnekamp created the Soest cross in gratitude for the kindness and care he received at the old C&A hospital, Bangor, which he presented to the city of Bangor on behalf of the twin city of Soest, Germany. The cross was dedicated by Dean Ivor Rees at a special service on 30 June 1980. The staff of Gwynedd Technical College, Bangor, converted the cross to a processional cross, and it was first used at the enthronement of bishop Cledan Mears on 8 January 1983.

Stained Glass Panel – “The Historical Samaritan

in 1985, Paul-Franz Bonnekamp created and personally presented a stained glass panel titled “The Historical Samaritan” for the inauguration of the new hospital, Ysbyty Gwynedd, to express once again his gratitude for the self-sacrificing care he had received in 1946. The Samaritan glass panel contains a visible monument in honour of his experience.

“With thanks for my recovery and in memory of the old Bangor Hospital in March 1946 from a former German Prisoner of War Paul-Franz Bonnekamp”

Paul-Franz Bonnekamp received the recognition of being one of the “most important glass painters in the world” by the Welsh Local Press.


The Historical Samaritan stained glass panel by Paul-Franz Bonnekamp

The Historical Samaritan by Paul-Franz Bonnekamp at Storiel Gallery Sept – October 2023


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