Puffin Island

b1 Tyddyn Sydney Bach, Bangor


Deciding that we would go on a boat cruise from Beaumaris to Puffin Island, we chose a calm sunny day over the late May bank holiday. After telephoning www.seacoastsafaris.com We arrived at the Kiosk to pick up our tickets, which we had booked earlier, just off the pier at Beaumaris before promenading down the pier towards the pontoon at the end.

We clambered on to the boat with great excitement, clutching our binoculars and cameras. We were offered anoraks in case we got wet from the buffeting waves and possibly cold from the wind chill out on the sea towards Puffin Island. Although we initially refused, I did gratefully take up the offer further out at sea. We sat right in the front of the boat, listening to the commentary. I learnt and understood much more about the area I had grown up, including landmarks and history from the sea.

b2 Tyddyn Sydney Bach, Bangor


Approaching Puffin Island by boat

As we approached Puffin Island the boat slowed right down so that we had the opportunity to take photos and use our binoculars as the experienced skipper, who had studied at the Ocean Sciences Department of Bangor University, explained what to look for and then gave all of us ample opportunity to look and enjoy! We saw one or two puffins, cormorants, and a wide variety of birds.

As we turned the headland there were lots of seals basking in the sunshine, before we noticed more seals bobbing in the water.




b3 Tyddyn Sydney Bach, Bangor


We promised ourselves another trip out in September when there would be baby seals to see. We were pleased that we had time to appreciate the bird sanctuary that Puffin Island had become.


I recall a story that I had been told – that painted wooden puffins were placed on Puffin Island to attract the birds back to the island after the colony had been decimated by rats many years ago.




b4 Tyddyn Sydney Bach, Bangor


On the return journey, the commentary continued about the other side of the Water. The whole trip was fascinating. I felt relaxed and happy having thoroughly enjoyed my bank holiday sea adventure. The boat cruise was something I had not done before but would thoroughly recommend!

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