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Welcome Day at Pontio


I was lucky enough to get a ticket to the Welcome Day at Pontio. I was delighted to see the new show Shine. The artists were superb. I thought they were excellent in the circus tent in the summer, but today they excelled themselves and so warmly welcome by the many people who came to see the shows running throughout the day. Pontio got it so right this time – the public performance space for a display of this type was incredible. There were complimentary refreshments for all after each show – tea/coffee and cake – really tasty cake!
I even went inside Y Caban – slimy green rubber duck to you and I! The space inside was interesting, small areas to sit and chat in, but I still don’t like the structure!
What struck me most of all today was the friendly ethos of the many people helping in Pontio – wearing Pontio polo shirts and smiles – bit like the Olympic Games all over again, helping, directing and informing, such as when the lift had a technical hitch with mums with prams stuck on the second floor of the building – up the steps came these helpers to assist in carrying the prams and helping the mums.
I truly hope and believe that Pontio really will be the bridge between Town and Gown – but we, the residents of Bangor, must use and enjoy it.
Pontio will be having 2 cinema shows each evening and regular theatre events.

Coronavirus Update

We are delighted that Tyddyn Sydney Bach will be able to reopen from August 2020!

During the lockdown, we have extended and are still refurbishing Tyddyn Sydney Bach. We look forward to showing you the results soon. We are currently reviewing our Cleaning and Sanitizing Regime so we can protect you and us from Covid-19. During this challenging period, we gave our guests the option of transferring bookings to later in the year, next year or full refund. If there is a second spike, we will honour the same agreement.

We look forward to seeing you soon, Stay Safe!